My Crochet Frog

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My Crochet Frog

If you follow me on my personal Facebook page you’ve probably already seen this. I have not been blogging daily as we had a hectic lots of lots of stuff going on but I did keep up with my goal to make a craft or work on a craft every week!

My completed craft by Easter weekend was a frog my Sethster asked me for.

It all started with an egg shaped green thing I made, honestly just for practice. We made it into a frog for Sethster… by the way this sparked him asking for all kinds of crazy things. I have a to do list for Seth that will keep me occupied and in practice for some time!

It all started w this green egg:
unnamed (3)

Then I started to figure out how to make those little legs:
unnamed (8)


unnamed (5)

Then I had what looked like a frog:
unnamed (2)

Then I made eye balls:
unnamed (4)

And surprised my lil one with it on Easter Morning!
unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

Mind you I have yet to learn how to do patterns so I’m pretty proud of this lil guy since I did it all from the top of my head!! Next is a giant minion LIFE SIZE! Sethster is also requesting some crochet food… to pretend cook. So… that’s yet another project!

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