My Little Homeschooler

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My Little Homeschooler

So, This year I decided to homeschool. It came time to switch Seth over to the new school in our new town because we just got our own place in Peshtigo Wisconsin… and I just did not want to enroll him. I had gone back and forth with the idea of teaching him myself taking on homeschooling and just being done with schools and all the issues I had with them. This was the time.

I looked up homeschooling in our state and discovered we moved to a pretty awesome state when it comes to homeschooling. The state gives a lot of freedom here and I’m pretty happy!

So, you might hear every now and then a bit about homeschooling because I am a homeschooling momma now! I’ve discovered I guess, I’m more of an eclectic type and am doing my own lesson plans encompassing common core, arts, and lots and lots of real life outdoor learning! I’m not using any paid curriculum or doing an online school. Just a couple of weeks in I’ve found that it’s not as scary as you’d think it is to homeschool. I’ve also discovered there are so many different types of homeschooling moms and so many different ways to go about it!

I would like to say I am paying for one site that I’m using for print outs and little quizes and such that I think is just awesome!


We’ve decided we will be homeschooling all three of our kiddos and this road is going to be an awesome learning adventure for all of us! I’m not crazy experienced at this to give advice but I will say, if you are afraid to homeschool because you think you cannot do it, have faith in yourself!

By the way…for those of you that are somehow offended by homeschooling moms…

I’m not putting down public schooled kiddos, or your decision to homeschool. I’m happy for every mom doing what’s best for them and their kids but for our family we’re happy to homeschool!

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