My love for homemade

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My love for homemade

I truly adore homemade things! I love to make as much as possible and when I don’t or am too busy or lets be honest, lazy I would much rather buy it off of someone else who makes it homemade to support their little shops or mini companies! I love upcycled, recycled, knitted, and crocheted, painted, and built by hand! I love Etsy and Artfire and independent sellers on Facebook!

I support you all and love what you do!

I wish people would turn to small sellers for Christmas, Birthdays and the holidays too. This year, a main gift for my little family (hubby, Sethster and myself) will be matching Grinch gloves crocheted by my amazing friend Pepper <3 who has also made several other little projects for me here and there. Two which she is currently working on are a parisol cake toppers my wedding should be next year. With the excitement of Baby No.2 coming I decided would do cloth diapers with him or her as well. Before moved gave entire stash away to friend starting out cloth... did not anticipate this early but am ecstatic will just need build again! try few Etsy sellers buy handmade! Ooooo new me! Here very affordable almost big brand name look likes! All these shopping list bought tried one at time! Pocket Cloth Diaper, One Size Fits ALL from BabyBeduga on Etsy Cost: $7.00 Shipping: $5.00 Total: $12

Outer Cover:
Waterproof outer layer soft as a cotton.
3 rows of snaps for ultimate size adjustment

1 Layer of Microfiber for maximum absorption and comfort.
Material prevents diaper rash
Large pocket opening for easy insert removal.

Light Green Pocket Cloth Diaper, One Size Fits Most, Ready to Ship from SewManyBlessings1 on Etsy Cost: $10.50 Shipping: $3.50 Total: $14.00

Cloth Diaper style: Pocket, does not require a cover. Does require insert.

Outer: PUL , tabs polyester ribbon
Inner: Lightweight knit bamboo. Welt-style pocket for stuffing.
Closure: Kam snaps

Size: One size fits most, from 9+ pounds (depending on baby’s build) snap down rise in front (2 rows of 4 snaps allowing for 4 different rise settings). While this diaper will fit most babies until potty training, please measure if you have a toddler/ bigger baby before ordering. Maximum Waist: 24.5” Maximum Rise: 19”

Diaper Large Aio All – In – One Wahm Made from qtbunns on Etsy Cost: $15.00 Shipping: $3.00 Total: $18.00

This is for 1 all-in-one diapers, WAHM made, size Large. This is new and fits approximately 22-32 lbs, although this varies with each baby so please check the measurements I have listed. This would also work great as training pants, and without the liner attached they are fairly slim.

All measurements are approximate:

White “crazy snaps” One Size Cloth Diaper with Insert from MonkeyPantsDiapers on EtsyCost: $18.00 Shipping: $5 Total: $23.00

It has one layer of white water proof PUL with fun “crazy snaps”, and one layer of super soft and cozy white microfiber (keeps baby feeling dry!). Pocket opens towards front of diaper for easier stuffing/unstuffing. Cross over front hook and loop tabs even fit babies with smaller waists (we know because we have one!), and durable laundry tabs to prevent “diaper balls” when washing!

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