O garsh I’m lovey dovey

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O garsh I’m lovey dovey

Good day all! Today I’m feeling like a million bucks! Having hubby home makes everything better! I have fallen back into my lovey dovey groove and everything is right with the world!

Yesterday was a great day… well, after they finally released James from work that is. Seth and I got up at about 7:30 am which by the way that was a late morning for us IT ROCKED lol. Anywho, we got ready and somehow it took me an hour to get out of the house and get onpost lol I seem to be slow at life lately. We got there, and seeing James after 3 weeks was freakin awesome! He was shocked at how big Seth got! He finally got released at 1:40 so I missed out going to the boutique this week boo lol but being near James was worth it.

Unfortunately although I was trying to look nice, Seth thought it would be nice to puke all over my outfit and his cute one I had put on him lol. I had spare clothes for him but not for me so I had puke on me lol O YEA FEELIN SEXY WITH MY PUKE SHIRT! O well lol it happens.

After James got home and got a shower we went to Old Chicagos, we havent been there in a LONG time! He had his first beer in almost a month and I had mine!

Eclipse (Guinness and Blue Moon Beer)

I’m so happy my little family is back together and I’m most happy that this will be the LAST long span of time that James will be gone! He will not be deploying, he wont have anymore LONG training, maybe a week at most but I can handle that. And soon in like 6 months he gets out of the ARMY for good… its a breath of fresh air honestly, we cant wait to start our own lives outside of the military. I think the only thing I’ll miss when we move home is all my amazing friends here 🙁


Yesterday was a hella good mail day! My friend Jenna sent me some coupons for Beech Nut woot woot and some other handy ones MUCH APPRECIATED! She also sent a cute lil sun shade thats see through enough to put on the back window of the truck so the sun isnt in Seth’s face! THANKYOU!


So I have a freebie trip to make! Thanks to her Beech Nut coupons, a coupon from Recyclebank.com, a facebook coupon for vitamin water, and a coupon from All You Magazine for Rimmel London I’ll be getting a FREE vitamin water, a free eyeshadow from Rimmel London up to $5 value, a FREE Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid (I <3 Seventh Gen!) and 2 Beech Nut cereals and 4 Beech Nut baby food jars FREE :D

I also received yet another Purex laundry sheets sample lol I signed up once and got 2 samples each with 2 sheets for 2 loads. Having used that great coupon in the newspaper a wile back (buy one get one free) I have two other full packs of those lol and got a Seventh Gen Laundry detergent for Seth on sale lol um I wont need laundry detergent for a LONG time now. But once all the Purex is finally done I plan to change all of us to Green Works and Seventh Gen <3

In news that giveaway I told you guys about will be happening! In a week I get my stuff to test and review then I’ll get to the giveaway! I hope you guys sign up for email updates so you can catch when I post that!

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