O Gosh… sigh

O Gosh… sigh

Wow, I have been absent again, this time yet more crazy stuff in life happening. Without giving details, I had to abruptly move from my mother’s house on our last month of needing to be there, at the end of this month we will finally be fully on our feet enough to get our own place and recover from the life with out the army whammy to our life. We did a sudden move in 2 days from my mother’s to my hubby’s mother’s house, which thankfully, with good friends by my side, a few heavy lifting buddies, and a few trucks wasn’t as horrible as I imagined it would be… BUT at the same time I started to have problems with my sciatica which by the way, is PAINFUL! I am currently not a happy camper as I am also fighting with my job to give me my desired schedule, I’m not winning the fight.

Today I felt like an old person trying to stand from my chair at work and go fax something, everyone looked at me like I had MAJOR issues lol. Hopefully I get back to normal because I just barely got a Zumba buddy and now I cant even stand strait much less attempt to dance. 🙁

I have finally posted my two giveaways and will post as much as possible, again I’m sorry for my disappearing acts wow is my life crazy right now, at least you’ll know with my blog that you always hear a crazy story about my life!

I just want things to look on the up side a tad bit and have things stop spinning out of control… that would be nice.

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