Oh how I love teething

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Oh how I love teething

My littlest one, well at the moment since baby no.3 is not yet here, is teething and ANGRY! I had a big enough gap between Seth (4 going on 5 in November) and Odin (1) that I completely forgot how horrid teething was!

I’ve pulled out all the stops, all the tricks I used with Sethster to help aid in Odin’s evil tooth pain and it seems nothing works! Teething tablets, the dreaded orajel I said I’d never use, and finally resorting to a wee bit of Tylenol. Again things I said I WOULD not do! But I really don’t like to medicate so we are avoiding doing that and trying to help keep him as happy as he can possibly be.


So, teething stage achieved, terrible two’s scheduled in May and um yea BRING IT! By then, Atlas (Baby No.3) will be entering the world around January so things should be fun!

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