One Of Those Days

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One Of Those Days

Today was one of those days… I woke up rested and as soon as I got to work I was tired and cranky with every single call coming in being a negative person who was moody and having a cranky day themselves. My back (where my slipped disk was) hurt, each coworker was irritated lol and then an hour and a half away from the end of my shift (when time slows down for me) our system went down along with our internet connection lol and it was GREAT! No cranky ppl, no negativity, so I bust out my book that I’ll be reviewing soon on here and start to read all nice and comfy in my chair when my supervisor says you go to the other office and get on the phones!

ME? Whyyyyy ugh ok… I was in a team of 4 myself included to travel to another office to help people during our system’s crash. Well, I live 45 min away from work and I dont know that area besides to and from work… the other 3 had taken off before me and once I left I thought it cant be too hard to get there…

I took a wrong turn somewhere and wound up stuck in traffic for 20 min! By the time I got to the other office it was 30 min after the time I should have been there! To make things worse my phone got shut off and I seriously just haven’t had time to go pay it lol so I had no GOOGLE MAPS no contact with anyone wile I was semi lost!

Once I got to the other building I walked around lost like an idiot trying to figure out where I was supposed to go and when the other 3 Underwriters finally found me they told me to just not worry lol and just wait till my shift ended in 15 min.

But now I’m cuddling up with my baby boy watching Tangled FINALLY and relaxing on my amazing sofa happy as can be. WITH HOPE tomorrow will go quickly and my 3 day weekend will get here ASAP!

I’ve also fallen in love with the Chameleon in the movie and with that will introduce my new pet Monty our python that my friend Pepper let us adopt from her little family. He’s migrated over to our family now and we love him!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting pics of two adorable things she made for me!!! TTFN readers I’m going to go spend much needed time with my widdle one then try to set up my transcription stuff to test out my speeds for a possible home income! I’ll letcha know how that goes!

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