Operation Beautiful

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Operation Beautiful

I’d like to share something my amazing friend Erin shared with me…

Erin O’Connor

Of course I had to visit the site! See right under the beautiful motivational note is a site link: operationbeautiful.com

When you first arrive at the site the very top says “Transforming the way you see yourself one post-it note at a time” I adore this idea in face I used to do it when I worked as an Underwriter for an Insurance company. I had notes on my computer, notes on my desk and sometimes I’d hide notes for others to find at their desks. It seems simple… or unnecessary unless you see the face of the person who reads the note. It may just be the thing they needed on a hard day, or might have helped them start the day off on a better note. I’ve noticed simple acts of kindness can go a long way!

I’ve strayed from doing it outside my home because well… I’m not working anymore but this got me motivated to pass on a post-it note every now and then and keep up with this site! You never know who will read the note… maybe just maybe it will be exactly when they needed it too!

I hope you guys check it out the idea behind all of it made my day! I truly love running into blogs like this!

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