Pledge to grow more food

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Pledge to grow more food

While strolling Pinterest today and looking up ideas for my indoor garden seeing as how there is snow everywhere outside and I dont want to even attempt to grow out there lol I came across an image that made me think.


I adore seeds, plants, growing well anything but I had never really attempted to grow our own food until I came out here to South Dakota. When I was still working (before I got prego) our break room at work was always filled with heaping piles of fresh produce. There was always a sign or note saying take as much as you’d like I have plenty.

While walking through the veggie section at the store and seeing the quality of the veggies and fruits compared to those that my coworkers had grown in their back yards just seeds and water no pesticides and not much money put into them at all I thought WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME!!?!?!?

I’m an ecoholic yet I have never attempted to grow my own food!?!? I laughed at myself.

I started out getting little pots and herb seeds then my poor little seedlings were destroyed by my curious kiddo…

Then I made wall mounted planters… and began growing food from food…

Celery… Onions… you can do it with Lettuce to!

My hubby and I decided we would start to grow our own food from now on and as much as possible! We’d use and store what we can and offer the extra we have to friends we make along the way here. We have ordered numerous seeds and cannot wait to begin our adventures into growing our own food!! I never thought the idea of having so many plants in my house would seriously bring him and I even closer together 🙂

So for 2013 and from there on out we pledge to grow more food! I will let you guys in on my progress here and there and if you’r near by we will share 😀

By the way while trying to think of more ways to grow our own food I stumbled upon a Facebook page called Grow Food not Lawns… I think the idea behind it is AWESOME as well as their daily posts! Check their page out it may just make you want to start growing more as well!

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