Read Across America

Read Across America

Tomorrow 3/2/12 is Read Across America day and is also Dr. Seuss’s birthday! I am very excited! This year NEA (National Education Association ) is partnering with The Lorax bringing on a green theme wile also incorporating the importance of reading to children!

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”

Visit Seussville to print activities as well as a certificate of participation! I will be reading the Lorax to Seth in the spirit of it all but you can also find which age groups each Dr. Seuss book is siuted for HERE so that you can add a few other books to your reading list!

My aunt will be coming down to see us tomorrow as well to also plant a tree to keep with The Lorax theme, keep it green and well we like nature so it gives us an excuse to plant something again!

Check out the Read Across America Facebook page : CLICK ME

Check out Dr. Seuss Books on Facebook HERE where you can also enter The Lorax giveaway!

And if you are interested in participating in events for Read Across America you can find a few listed HERE! I hope you join in on the fun!


Before I end this post as I am going to be late if I sit here typing away, I’d like to share a few neat things on a few of my favorite blogs!

CROQZINE.COM posted a post back in 2010 that I still love with adorable ideas to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday check out a few below:

Thing one, thing two and green eggs and ham!

Back in 2011 on Dr. Seuss’s birthday Obseussed posted some cute ideas as well:

Cat in the hat cake and green eggs and ham:

Readers I’m off I hope you guys decide to participate in whatever way you decide tomorrow!

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