Roller Derby Training Kicked My Booty!

Roller Derby Training Kicked My Booty!

So, today I roller skated for the first time ever. I had in the past roller bladed… the two are nothing alike… at least not for me! I am surprised I only fell once lol but after a while I seemed to get the hang of it, it will just take time for me to become comfortable on them and learn how to balance completely.

The season is over for roller derby this year, so, I get to train and practice and get the hang of being upright before I have to learn how to knock someone down lol and that’s a whole year almost of training!

I also never realized just how much of a work out skating is, practice was 2 hours, and my body feels as if it was tossed around like a rag doll.

I also decided to go and shoot some guns with my hubby yesterday, and that make my upper half soar from shooting a pretty powerful shot gun, an ak47 and well the small gun didn’t hurt lol.

I’ve had a pretty intense weekend lol and am ready to go back to work and relax till next weekend haha!

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