Seth’s autism update

Seth’s autism update

I haven’t touched much on Seth’s autism for a while. For those of you that are not regulars on my blog or in my life… my oldest son Seth who is 6 currently has high functioning autism and ADHD.

We are a family that has chosen not to medicate for anything, rather than medicate we have started Seth on therapy, have worked very hard with him since a young age, gone through lots with him that was and still is worth it and we use Bioray Kids supplements to help him focus. We’ve pretty much got a good system going aside from the random outbursts we’re on top of things most days! Recently Seth’s therapists (we work with 3 on a regular basis but there are 5 in total and due to our move we will be looking for new therapists in TX and have a break in therapy) had suggested that he get a service dog to assist him in every day life and on social outings. See, we never know when something will set Seth off but on average he controls things pretty well! He has headphones he wears if things get too loud and he’s able to recognize when a situation is going to elevate his stress levels and he tries to get away from it before he hulks out. But sometimes it isn’t so easy, sometimes large groups of people or new people freak him out.

So, I looked into Service dogs and discovered there is so much more that goes into it than I thought. I found dogs that ere priced upwards of $25,000 and well… we aren’t a family that can toss that much money for this. So, I discovered you can self train and well that’s where I’m currently at. I am currently looking into how I can train a service dog for my Sethster. In planning this I discovered I may enjoy training as a possible future and am looking into getting certified and finding out every which way to train this dog to be at the top of his game to help Seth.

We are also still doing homeschool. This year brings on 1st grade! SO MUCH YAY! We survived our first year in homeschool and Seth adored it. It allowed us to work at his pace and not hold him back. He excelled and exceeded my expectations and I am beyond proud of him. This year we are going into homeschooling confident and happy! I’m not very stressed because we have already figured out what works best. Seth’s therapists have also stated they are very glad he is homeschooled as he probably would not do well in the normal schoolroom setting. I’d imagine not as he rocks back and forth or exclaims random things while working on math problems or reading lol. It’s ok in our school though! However he needs to express himself is ok by me.

As far as daily life goes though, therapy has done wonders! It’s been over a year that we got Seth’s official diagnosis and months of therapy have showed us that it actually does help. I’m thankful for his therapists even through the hick ups, through the ups and the downs, they have helped us climb obstacles and every day Seth shows what an amazing kiddo he is!

I will add though, not every therapist is for every kid, if you are ever doing therapy with your kiddos…don’t be afraid to speak up if you just flat out don’t like something. We have replaced 2 and I feel happy with those decisions.

On the service dog info, the advice I can give now is to become an expert on the subject. Despite how easy of a process it may seem from afar, there are many many obstacles to overcome. I will be posting our progress and any tips and tricks I learn a long the way in the event of anyone ever needing to go the self trained rout needing the info. I will also say though, it is darn hard to get doctors to give that prescription letter but I have discovered it is only really needed in the event of renting so that your dog can never be denied stay at a place that may or may not allow dogs. To officially have a service dog however, the prescription letter is not a requirement. I will be making another post with facts I’ve discovered as of late.

Our move back home to Harlingen TX begins in a week and a few days so it’ll be a little adventure for our Sethster as extreme change can be stressful but I’ll be blogging more about all that later.

For now, talk to ya later <3

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  1. It’s heartbreaking when you hear the Asperger’s diagnosis but don’t worry too much. I’m much further down the path. My youngest son was diagnosed with this and he is now 20. I homeschooled him all the way through. When he was little, I didn’t require him to write much because it would cause meltdowns and I knew he got it and didn’t need to fill in workbook blanks. It helped if he could stay in his desk and play with Matchbox cars while answering questions orally. Also, he loved wrapping himself in a sleeping bag or sit in a tent. It really helped his focus. He was very good mathematically, scientifically and excelled in spelling. The Apologia Science for young children was just books and was perfect for him. We used Mystery of History because it was thorough and quick and presented history at the same time all over the world. I never liked taking Brit. History, Chinese History. She puts all history on one timeline switching between the cultures to show how one affected the other. We went with Rod and Staff for English and Spelling because it was cheap, clear, direct and built on the same rules each year. He could concentrate better when there weren’t lots of bright pictures and highlights, etc…We lucked out using Teaching Textbooks for math when it got too hard for me. I only made it to Alg. II. They did Geometry, Calc. I and II. They could do this on the computer and workbook. It was hard but I shudder to think what would have happened if he’d been left to fend for himself in public school. It’s rougher than when I went to school. We’re trying out a course for life skills taught in video by a 25 yr. old young man with Aspergers. More info. can be found at Seems to be full of good info. I totally get the rocking thing. He used to rock so hard that our van rocked at red lights but he loved long road trips. The ever changing scenery both soothed and stimulated his mind. He adored swinging until he got too old to go to the park but we transitioned him to the trampoline and he does this daily for at least an hour. It’s more socially acceptable for him at 20 to jump on a trampoline than to swing. It still gets him to his happy place where he’s tired but alert. Don’t be afraid to break school up into 30 min. chunks and let him really exercise between. It’s good for the tics. Sorry this is so long but these children are unique and fascinating and are worth the extra work to explain things to them. Hopefully, his siblings will help him too.

  2. This comment honestly means the world to me! I love hearing about other families who live similar lives and the info you gave me is great!! I’ll be looking into it to help Seth out as well!! Thank you!

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