Skittles Vodka & Upcycled Bottles

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Skittles Vodka & Upcycled Bottles

I decided I’m going to re post the good posts from my last blog here periodically. This is one.

I personally cannot tell you how this tasted due to the fact that I was prego with my little one at the time and I wasnt about to down vodka lol.

MY ADVICE: Use good quality vodka, I plan to do this again sometime but use GOOD vodka… from what I was told the Military Special Vodka we used has a killer kick to it and wound up giving everyone the worst hangover.

Note: When I re due this in the future I will have better instructions these were pretty vague.

*5 sealed containers that can be shook wile full and not leak
*3 bottles of vodka (we were making a big batch)
*3 bags of skittles (our stores didnt have the huge ones, and yet again this was for a big batch)
*something to strain (we used coffee liners, cheap and effective)

STEP 1: Line up 5 sealable clear containers one for each skittles color

STEP 2: Fill each container with each separate color of skittles MAN I LOVE RED

STEP 3: Fill each container equally with vodka.

STEP 4: Seal em to shake em. We shook every hour for a full day and the skittles almost completely dissolved.

STEP 5: Strain it. I didn’t finish my post on these or show the end result unfortunately, but, I got a huge beer mug, sat the funnel over it and put in a coffee liner then poured it through. We had to do small amounts and it took about an hour to strain one completely since we had to do it multiple times to get all the skittles gunk out. We were left with a palm sized white almost shortening like consistency and looking blob which we threw out.

I plan to do this again, with better vodka, repost with complete instructions lol, and upcycle some bottles to have them in cute containers! I think I’ll make cute labels on photoshop too!

On the note of upcycling bottles, I found two posts that intrigued me! I hope to try both of these too!
Gizmodo posted on how to cut a bottle with a string, if this is true, my head is filled with cute craft ideas for the resulting halves!

And Instructables posted on making an oil lamp out of a used bottle! Definitely will try this!

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