Something is really bothering me! I’d never lie for a buck!

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Something is really bothering me! I’d never lie for a buck!

I’m really really bothered by some of the marketing techniques of people I know selling from their homes, I’m really bothered by advice given in hopes of a sale! Let’s add a disclaimer so I’m not jumped on by every MLM sales person within a 1,000 mile radius of me:

Not all MLM companies are bad some can be great opportunities, some are fueled by shady marketing, angry lawyers, and some are just there…if it makes you happy good. I have no problem with a company being honest and just marketing, did you know that was my degree? I love marketing, when done right. <- no hidden meaning in that, follow the law, NO false marketing, ok your good. MLM =Multi Level Marketing Screen Shot 11-23-15 at 04.08 PM

Basically yes a pyramid like most any company ever, that’s not what I’m worried about. I don’t wan’t to dispute it, don’t tell me your company is different because my issue isn’t about this.

My issue lies with the info given by consultants, sales people, whatever your title is with whatever company you are with. If I were to sell a product, as I have in the past because I dabbled in MLM sales myself and in other sales…I would want to be as informed as possible on the items I am backing.

Here is my other disclaimer:
I will never sell an item I do not believe in, I will never EVER profit off of advice I give you, I will not even review an item with a positive review on my blog if I do not believe I am being 100% honest!

I think your name, your opinion, your advice should be whole hearted, this is why if I did sign up for an MLM company and found the products to be of lesser value than stated, lesser quality, or found that the company was in any way falsely marketing the product I’d drop it! This has happened with the few I tried, that does not make me a bitter hater of any and all companies but makes me more aware. With that said, I will not sell anything under my name or in association with my blog that I do not create or that any friends or family do not create. Any advice given by me or shared in my posts will not gain me income, anything you ever purchase due to my advice I will not profit from. Any post you see on my blog is made based off of my own opinions I will not be paid to post something although I have been approached many times. I will not include ads on my website intended to redirect traffic and get paid for a purchase you make if I am an affiliate. I do not have any of those accounts.

I blog and give advice because I love to. This isn’t a money making thing for me, I love helping others, love spreading word of great products and the only compensation I will ever allow is a free product in exchange for my thoughts on it or experiences with it.

I feel my personal life has been bombarded with people trying to make money off of everyone and friends are starting to see each other only as a possible sales lead. Me and my blog will stay out of it all. I’ve stayed a small blog due to it and passed up hundreds of dollars to keep to my belief system. So, if you come to me for advise I will freely give it, unbiased and without incentive to make a buck off of you.

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mini meMy name is Cricket Sosa, I am married to my best friend and living in Peshtigo Wisconsin with my 3 perfect little boys I’m a stay at home mom who blogs! I’ve held up my fair share of jobs but now I have the greatest job in the world, I manage my home! We homeschool, love outdoors, I love to craft, crochet, draw, paint, if it’s artsy I’m doing it! I’m on the crunchy side of things and love the green eco lifestyle but I’m not into cramming it down anyone’s throat! Read my full about me page HERE.

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