That moment you realize family means a whole lot more than you thought…

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That moment you realize family means a whole lot more than you thought…

You know, I’ve moved around a lot.

When I met my ex and he got into the military and our journey started in 2006 right after I got out of highschool we took off to Tennessee. I just picked up and moved. I’m a bit spontaneous at times, I like to say selectively spontaneous because I’m one of those follow the rules type of people, who can be square then I’ll shock you with being completely spontaneous about certain things.

Moving was one of those areas I never seemed to have issues with being spontaneous.

From 2006 to 2015 I moved like 12 or 13 times? Sometimes between those big moves were small little moves. By 2015 I was exhausted with moving. We made our most recent move to Wisconsin which helped in a lot of ways and brought on a new experience but nearing our 2nd year here we started to miss family.

See, I thought after a year I would have made friends here, apparently I’m a weirdo or something because the only types of people I’ve attracted are not friends I’d like to have lol. I have one of my besties here that I actually moved here to be near her but there is nothing like family. I’ve watched families at the park, family reunions, family BBQ’S, families gathering during holidays, hubby’s work people saying they were hanging with family for the holidays, little friends my kids make talking about cousins and grandparents.

Moving here we decided we finally wanted to look into buying a house, grounding ourselves somewhere, maybe here, maybe in South Dakota (where my current hubby was stationed in the Airforce and we loved it), maybe back home, maybe in another state, maybe back in TX. We didn’t know where but we did know we wanted to stop moving so much. But when faced with the decision of settling here, a place we had absolutely no roots in and where we only knew a tiny select number of people… I couldn’t see buying here.

So, how about South Dakota then? Well I loved it there, it was and is my dream place. The views, they are gorgeous. I absolutely adore it. But then I thought back to being there. There was so much to do, so many places to go, so much to see, but still I had no family there. Again, I had a select number of friends there and no other roots, no family and had to think if being in a dream place, a place I loved was worth losing family.

I began to question if a move to a cool place or setting our own roots somewhere exciting and big was worth my kids not getting to see grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and extended family. I just started to feel that I’ve been selfish. I want my kids to grow up with the huge family both hubby and I have, families are huge in the Hispanic community and I don’t want them not knowing them. I don’t want them never learning or hearing Spanish. I don’t want them missing out on the culture that makes up them! I miss going to breakfast or lunch with my mom or going to flea markets or the food that you can’t find anywhere but the RGV (Rio Grande Valley). It’s a whole new world there, and as much as I’ve left over and over and over again…something has made me go back over and over and over again.

I miss my family more than I can ever express, and I don’t want my kids missing out on it all. So, yet again, I will brave the hellish heat, I will go to a small small place that everyone is racing to get away from because family means way more than I ever thought it could.

Wisconsin has been good to us but I’m not meant to live here. We’ll be making yet another trip back home to TX, back home to the valley while people shake their heads at me not understanding why I’d ever go back there.

I secretly love the Rio Grande Valley, TX will forever run through my veins no matter how much I may complain about it… and South Padre Island is unlike any other.

P.S. NO lake beaches are NOT like ocean beaches….they can never be lol.

P.S.S. I’d rather go back to SPI where the beaches don’t have advisories of heroin needles in the sand…yea…it’ a thing up here.

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