The Secret

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The Secret

Ok, so I had heard about the book The Secret a few times, and I never read it… then last night my hubby and I were looking for something to watch on Netflix, and that popped on the screen… hmmmmm

So, we watched it. I have to say I felt like I was watching a self help book being read to me…

But once we started thinking about the stuff said in this odd video that made us feel idiotic at first we realized there’s a lot of truth in what was said.

Karma, negative energy, good vibes call it what you must, but they had a point. Also, ambition to go out and do or get what you want, it’s not some insane secret held away from people since time started, it’s something we loose sight of when we get angry or overwhelmed with life.

Then, things seem to spiral out of control and we wonder why why why…

Because we let it.

So, as I said last night, I will bite. I’ll try this positive outlook on life, I will try to not think negative no matter what happens or what I am afraid will happen. I will try to see the best in me, and try hard to get everything I want.

Instead of saying lets see if this works, I’ll say this is going to work and I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.

ps. I will as of today make time for my blog no matter how much I think I dont have time… I need to make time for the things that make me happy.

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