Turning even more HIPPIE

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Turning even more HIPPIE

Before I explain the title of this blog I’d like to say I am just over joyed every morning by the sound of my two boys, Sethster half asleep talking and Odin finally starting to make baby noises that sound like he’s attempting to communicate with me!

I am a total mom person lol this is the life!


On that note, as far as my struggles with breastfeeding go we now at almost 2 months have a good latch going on and I have no more pain but I have an issue with my supply. I am attempting to get it going but it is being stubborn.

Now why am I feeling more like a Hippie?

Well, Odin (my wee lil one) was having extreme issues with baby acne all over his face. I believed either he was allergic to my milk or something in my milk and drove myself mad trying to figure out what I was doing wrong to make him break out so bad. We concluded that it was most likely an abundance of hormones from me that were making his poor little face break out.

As directed from breastfeeding moms I put breast milk all over his face.

Then I noticed his skin is just as sensitive as his big brother’s and he began to get diaper rash. I am currently using disposables due to our washer and dryer not having gotten here from South Dakota yet… if we were in our cloth diapers he might not be getting rashes… but he is.

So I put breast milk on that too lol I feel a wee bit more hippie putting it on every thing that happens with his skin but it seems to be the only thing that really works lol.

Even if I sound like a crazy hippie I’m loving the breast milk thing and you might hear me say “Oh breast milk can fix that.”

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