Update 4/29

Update 4/29

My hubby put an annoying voice on my phone today to yell every time I get a text message. He’s a joker lol… now I have to figure out how to take it off before it drives me insane!

We also got some grass fed beef today, splitting an order with my friend Michelle, Cheap and Creative she’ll be blogging about the company soon so look for the post, it looks like its totally worth the money and I’m happy its meat we can trust and know exactly where its coming from! No more food poisoning for hubby HOPEFULLY! The last time he got it was from meat from the Military Commissary and it wasn’t pretty! After watching Food Inc. he was already iffy on buying meat from the grocery store then that happened lol and he was scared to eat meat at all. Of course I said you could always go pescatarian or vegetarian but he’s too much of a carnivore for that I guess. He actually just cooked a steak and said its the best steak he’s had since moving to TN wow, see meat back home that we bought, was grass fed and it really does taste better… so he says. We had some organic baked potatoes too mmmmm YUMO!

Anywho, I have two giveaways going on right now, one will be ending VERY soon! And I have some really neat giveaways coming up, one with multiple winners! I’m really excited about a few things I have lined up so I hope you guys enter!

Only a few days to enter Eco Artware Giveaway it ends 5/1

And be sure to check out $20 Giftcard Giveaway to Cangles.com ending 5/10

I’m going to be making a cute calender page to keep you guys updated on current things and stuff to come and I just feel like I need some photoshop time haha.

I have a London update! (My dog in training who we got from a deploying soldier)
She now knows the word “outside” and “kennel”! Its exciting when I see her associate a word with an action! I’m hoping that by the time Doggipalooza (think thats the correct spelling), a little festival for dogs rolls around she’ll be ready, trained and sociable enough to attend along with Kaiser and Krusso. She still has a few months to work on all the training but I’m honestly amazed with how quickly she’s learning.

Wed I went to the boutique and found some cloth like um yarn… ribbons…. fabric pieces lol rolled into balls, yea I’ll go with that one. I plan to use them along with Earth’s Best baby food jars to make some neat crafts, maybe some homemade spa stuff, I’m long overdue for some pampering haha, or cute little deserts in jars, if I attend another Army wife get to gether or have another girly day out! I know they look like scraps but I SO see potential in them!


Cutting this post short, our roomate is eating all my bandwith with his game ugh he moves out mid month in May, then I finally get my internet all to myself again. Hubby and I have decided no more roomates… EVER, its hard to deal with people living in your home and it turns friends against each other. They used to be good buddys and now they’re always at each others throats. Just wanted to give an update on life in my shoes! TTFN

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