Us as Trees


Yesterday I was strolling Heartsy and ran into the deal for Lonely Tree Designs on Etsy for $8 and a $26 voucher to use at the shop! Of course, I used a $5 credit I earned for refering one of you awesome peeps who purchased something and $3 from my Paypal for doing a survey from Pinecone Research 😀 I like free stuff lol.

Anywho, a wile back I had posted about wanting to be a tree when I die (SEE POST), and one of my best friends Katrina (find her blog At Least There’s Something In My Glass here) said she wanted to be a tree as well… lol so somehow it became our thing, we’d die one day and get planted together since we are now so far apart atleast when we die we will be close together. Sounds morbid I know but its not haha!

My point in bringing up being a tree is that I found a set of two cute little charms that I was able to get for us from Lonely Tree Designs !

I also got a few other cute things including a pack of 50 bottlecaps, which I havent decided what to do with… but it was a good deal lol!

I think it’s safe to say I have a Heartsy addiction readers! <3

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