Valley Star Fruits & More is AMAZING

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Valley Star Fruits & More is AMAZING

Hey ya’ll I haven’t been posting every day but I have been posting! Do I get points for that? Also, I have been posting about local stuffs so that’s good! So, today we decided to climb into the car and take off to Brownsville (neighboring city in the RGV for anyone not local). This morning I had seen a post by Valley Star Fruits & More which I had started following and liked on Facebook a while back but just hadn’t gotten the chance to go to. Today they posted about their exotic fruits and we pretty much decided we just had to go!

And so we took off to see this awesome place I had seen posts about for the longest time. We got there and there were a bunch of people in the parking lot, alrighty so this place is packed, that must mean they have some pretty awesome stuff! We all get out and walk in to what looks like an old school market. There is all kinds of stuff everywehre! This place was a treasure trove, look anywhere, dig through things, find awesome treasures. Home made, hand made, local, imported, exotic fruits, oils, herbs, soaps, ahhhhhhh ok so I got giddy being there. Honestly I probably could have spent hours there had my kids not been like ok ok mom time to go.

As I was looking around with my kiddos deciding what cool snack they were going to get, we were offered a seaweed sample. UM YES PLEASE! This wasn’t the only thing we sampled there, we were offered samples on almost anything we were unsure of buying and we tasted a rambutan for the first time in our lives! We wound up buying a pound of the rambutan and I totally got the seaweed snacks. Kidos got some snacks, I also got some home made tea which smells amazing but I have not yet tried. I’ll probably post about that later! I also got my hands on some wheat berries which I’ve been looking for! See I’m determined to make my own sprouted whole wheat flour with my own grain mill one day soon…so that was epic because they were super awesomely priced! I got the bags at $3.50 when I had been debating on buying a same sized bag online for almost $10… glad I waited and got this awesome deal!

I also found out they carry elderberries so now I’ll have a local source and chaga which I’ve been trying to find for pretty much ever since one of my friends mentioned how it’s great for healing colds amongst other things. It really is like everything I’ve been trying to find locally wound up in one single shop. The staff were some of the nicest people and even Atlas, my little one who kinda doesn’t like people opened up to them. You get a vibe when you walk in, just a comforting at home vibe and it’s probably one of the most inviting places I’ve been to in the valley.

I also discovered they sell some Thompson Dairy Farms cheese and LaRose Soap Co. soaps 😀 this kinda also made my day. I posted about Thompson Dair Farms recently…yea mentioning them again because I kinda love them. There’s so many more items I wish I had taken pictures of but I’m sure I’ll post about this place again because I do plan to visit again!

If you are local and want to check them out, you can find Valley Star Fruit & More at

Brownsville, Texas

They’re open Monday through Sunday! Check out their Facebook page for store hours!

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