We Discovered the Elvis Cupcake

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We Discovered the Elvis Cupcake

Today, wile out running errands, taking my kiddo to the Dr for his allergies, and doing everything I had to do on my only free time (my day off) lol we stopped by chance at a small cupcake shop that caught our attention.

We walked in and were given a free sample of a cookie, which was very yummy then glared at the cupcakes.

Then… we were introducted to the Elvis cupcake

*Banana cake
*Creamy RICH chocolate filling
*Peanut butter frostin
*Chocolate chips

THIS CUPCAKE WAS INCREDIBLE! I think I will try to recreate it in a cake pop form. My lil brother and I each had one and although it is without question not a very healthy snack we each only had one.

This cupcake reminded me of a post I saw in the Cupcakes Take The Cake blog where multiple Elvis cupcakes were featured… this gets me in the cupcakery mood!

I feel some baking time coming on 😀

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