What a day…

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What a day…

Yesterday was my hubby’s 23rd birthday!

I bought my hubby Grand Turismo 5 for his birthday for the PS3, unfortunately he said the game sucked… lol o well he talked about wanting it often too bad the game didn’t meet his expectations.

I also got a call from another insurance company letting me know they had decided to hire me for an underwriting position, I had been trying to get this for a while as I’m not the greatest in sales yet love insurance. Well, I decided to give my current employer my 2 weeks notice so they would have sufficient time to replace me or find out how the new schedules would go and my boss fired me on the spot. Hmmmm well, the earliest I can start my new job is on the 20th of the month, so the way I see it, I have a whole week of vacation time!

I started doing survey’s online again and noticed that in 2 days I’ve made $15 whoohoo! AND yesterday I also noticed Seth’s second tooth popped out!

To celebrate my hubby’s birthday we bought a whole bunch of free range beef for a backyard BBQ at his parents house! We had seasoned it the night before and let it marinate in our mixture of spices and beer…everyone loved it! FREE RANGE IS THE WAY TO GO! However, stepping into that meat market made me want to hurl lol but anything for my hubbs! For getting fired earlier in that day, I had one of the greatest days ever lol we danced in the back yard and ate a delicious cake everything was perfect!

I’m only able to see the silver lining on yesterday’s CLOUD!

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