When did running stop being fun?

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When did running stop being fun?

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, apparently raising 3 kiddos, doing autism therapy with one of those kiddos, homeschooling, reviewing for Amazon and blogging is harder to keep up with than I thought. But I’m back! Check out those happy kiddos of mine running in the pic above!

I was at the mall the other day with my kiddos in one of those play area thingies, and there were a total of like 6 kids, 3 of which were my own and a little girl walks up to me and says:

“I like to play chase can they play with me?!”

The responsible parent in me thought … maybe you shouldn’t be running in here but instead Odin my now 3 year old bolted after her and a huge sound of laughter came from both of them. No one seemed bothered by it so I was like eh. But, as I sat there watching Odin run and laugh so hard it looked like he had to tell himself to stop to take breaths, I had a thought. Man, they sure are having fun! Yea it’s a simple thought but seriously, in that moment just running around Odin looked like he was having more fun than our entire day’s activities had brought him. I love when my kids run and play, I love taking them to the park, taking them out on hikes, doing fun stuff besides just watching TV or playing on a tablet! But, I had one of those oh my gosh moments as I watched him play and then got head butted by Atlas… he thought that was hilarious by the way.

When on earth, did running stop being fun!?

I know tons of people say they love to work out, and I used to be hella fit but after Atlas was born I’ve struggled like crazy to get rid of back to back pregnancy weight and get back to where I was. The main reason being that I worked my butt off to get so fit and it hurt, and it sucked and it was all around hard and now just a few years later I had gone back to how unhappy I was before my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, my babies mean the world to me and I’d do it all over even knowing the massive weight gain and PCOS would hinder me later but I’m kind of over the fattness and the not being able to keep up with my kiddos sometimes and especially the feeling I get when I have to run after one of them. They bolt, I have fast active kids, who all somehow wound up with a chunky out of breath mom! Ok, ok I put everyone before me and I’ve slacked on me time, on me working out, on me truly dedicating time to bettering myself because I fear it’ll take away from valuable time with my kiddos. But the other day, Atlas took off running (mind you he is the slowest of the bunch at only 1 1/2 years of age) and I had to take off running after him and I was like omg gotta catch my kid while also thinking omg I’m gonna die running like this uuuuuuuuugh!

Wait a minute. I remember runnin after school, during school, I remember playing races with friends, I remember I was told by my coach “You are a hell of a short distance runner!” yes he said hell… things really have changed lol but yea. I could beat anyone I was put up against in a short distance run, I just didn’t have the stamina to run long distance.

I remember my step dad training with me after school, running because I wanted to get better at long distance not just short distance.

I remember racing every friend I had and beating them all, I remember running so hard and trying to get to the finish line wherever we designated that to be.

I remember the feeling of running not just winning, because it made my heart beat faster, it made me feel awesome! After running for a long time I felt like I was on top of the world.

When did running stop being fun??!?!

Today I ran, just ran lol I had fun. I can’t remember when running stopped being fun. But today I stopped hating it…because, I had absolutely no logical reason to hate it. I used to love to run. Last time I fully complained about running I said my knees hurt. Well, it’s because I’m overweight. Maybe if I stopped making excuses for why I don’t like to do things I can not only better myself but start to love those things again.

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