Why won’t you talk on the phone!?

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Why won’t you talk on the phone!?

Everyone in my life gets a wee bit annoyed that I will avoid talking on the phone about 9 times out of 10. That one time exception is when lets say my Dad who lives thousands of miles away and who I rarely get to talk to calls or someone I do not rarely talk to or my ex coworkers because it’s engraved in me to answer no matter what (BUT I rarely get those calls). I might not answer, I might text you back after you call.

Although I’ve been pretty much irritated with talking on the phone from when I was an underwriter for an insurance company and had to get a zillion million calls from cranky angry people daily for 8 hours a day it’s not because of that.

Here’s what happens when the phone rings…

If Odin (baby no.2, 1 year old who rarely naps) is napping you just woke him up.
If I answer after you woke him up you hear him yelling in the background because he’s angry you woke him up.

If Odin was not asleep you will hear him baby talking along with Sethster (no.1, 4 year old hyper active ADD kiddo) yelling and screaming and trying very hard to get my attention while I’m on the phone. During phone calls he also chooses to do things he’s not supposed to do because I’m not fully paying attention to him at the moment. <-I just can't multitask while on the phone. If my hubby is home he always has a very important question to ask me which choses I'm not probably dealing with above two situations own and trying listen whatever heck it your saying. During said phone call you will hear shout "Seth do that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" are talk me. Followed by bickering between Seth I resolve an issue made due getting call. This happens daily or without being involved but you've now gone from having about 20% of attention none may even saying hello, because I've tuned out. It's personal it's like 99% kids for day. So... no NOT answer don't take want ANYONE'S calls! needed text me, bit get back seriously only effective form communication have lately. how technology making life easier. Oh if could see hecticness you'd understand why over top lol.

It’s not personal I probably love you or at least very much enjoy you as an individual but I’d rather text you than talk to you over the phone. <- I'd also rather speak in person vs. either of the options mentioned here but if that is not possible I text.

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