Woot for Blogging

Woot for Blogging

Good day all! I’m extemely happy to have my final blog home! Although there are a few kinks in the layout I’m so happy to be blogging from here! As always I am giving you fair warning that I blog about anything and everything that pops into my head and it’ll be no different here.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day, I got a long phone call from my hubby who’s been gone since the 1st that lasted about a half hour. This was much needed as the previous phone calls I got were like 5 min. Anywho, I found out that today I will get another phone call which will inform me of when he will finally be coming home. Its either tomorrow or the 27th, I dont want to get my hopes up and know better with the ARMY but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for tomorrow.

In other news, he will DEFENETLY not be deploying! I am elated to find out this information! I was breaking apart thinking we’d have to go through another deployment so close to him getting out of the military but we are in the clear!

To those of you who follow my blog back home, I have the final date of when I will be moving back to TX, September 1st! It is all starting to feel so real now.

Yesterday was also great because I got $15 in the mail. A check from mysurvey.com for $10, $2 cash from Nielson, and a $3 check from Pinecone Reasearch. This is all going to my new cloth diapers fund. I’m close to getting everything I need just with survey money, nothing out of our pocket for a 5 pack of Q baby cloth diapers. I’ve never used these before so it’ll be new and a good amount to add to my stash. (I do 50% cloth 50% disposable) Having more diapers allows me to go a little farther between washes and not raise our water bill too much. I am determined to show that you can cloth diaper cheap and save a great amount wile your at it!

I’m still working on a widget or some way to get you to be able to subscribe by email to this blog. Let me know if this works:


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If it does work can you subscribe please! The more subscribers I get the more of a chance of me getting giveaways going! Just for fun and products that I love of course!

Well I’m off of here for today, I’m going to try to get Seth to eat oatmeal, we’ve been fighting the rice cereal for a wile and I’m hoping this is easier to feed!

ps. can someone try to comment this blog and let me know if you have any issues also?

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