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This post has nothing to do with apples except for the fact that I am overly excited over Seth pointing to a clear container of diced apples at the store and looking at the label said “apple!”

I do not think shoppers have ever seen anyone so incredibly happy about a single word coming from a 2 yr old’s mouth! To be fair I must defend my overly giddy happiness when I heard this word as Seth has simply refused to say well anything with the exception of momma, shoe, and mine. I am not too fond of mine… but I will take what I can get.

Seth started a new therapy last week where he used pictures to ask for things, he picked up quickly and is running with it! He will pick up the picture of what he wants, brings it to you and you say the word then give him the thing he asked for!

In addition to his few new words, I got Seth a new big kid bed (twin size) and he is so overly excited about it that he gets in bed by 8pm every night just to be in it… who knew I needed a bigger bed just to get him to go to bed early lol.

As for me, my latest adventure in an antique store got me a working coffee grinder with an antique feel for $25 bucks 😀 I’m all about saving but I really really loved this coffee grinder… and I really really love coffee… so I had to have it lol

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