Heartsy = <3 for Etsy Lovers!!!

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Etsy, handmade and deal lovers come see Heartsy! I have fallen head over heels in love! Not only does Heartsy work with Etsy (biggest community of handmade products by real AMAZING sellers), but it takes some of the biggest hits on Etsy and gives you a discount for their store such as this one below which I caught just in time!

To make the deals even sweeter, when you sign up you get a $5 credit to spend however you’d like for whichever deal you would like! After I refereed my first friend, I got an additional $5 credit and friends that make purchases after referal get you an extra $5 credit! So, within two days I’ve made $15 credit to spend and buy from great sellers on etsy!

If you sign up with my refferal link here: CLICK ME HERE CLICK ME PLEASE you can get me and you some credits to spend!!!

ALSO…. Hearty is currently having a giveaway through Facebook click below!

And yes one more final and lol you get to decide which sellers will be featured daily with votes! SEE BELOW:

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