Japan Fun Box

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Japan Fun Box

Hey guys, haven’t reviewed a subscription box in a while and I’m totally stoked to talk about this one! I’m kind of geeked when it comes to anything from Japan, the food, the culture, movies… list could go on. I’ve also got a bunch of friends with the same mind set and so, I was excited to try this box out.

First things first some basic info on the box itself, how it works and pricing!

You get three options when subscribing to the Japan Fun Box, I like this not only for the noticeable price difference but you can get a box that really works for you based on how much of it you will actually consume. I will say that I got the smallest one and I’d totally spring for the largest because I got a bunch of cool stuff! Prices are Mini $14.99, Original $32.99 and the Family at $49.99 a month.

5-7 Items
Free shipping worldwide

15-20 Items
Free shipping worldwide
Cancel online anytime
1 DIY Kit Guaranteed
1 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …)

25-30 Items
Free shipping worldwide
Cancel online anytime
2 DIY Kit Guaranteed
2 Special Items (Japanese Toy, Gachapon toy, Special DIY, Drink, Adult Candy etc …)

That family box seems wicked cool! The snacks that came in my box gave me a whole new appreciation for Japan, when they snack they seriously put some thought into it. I kinda felt like American snacks are a bit bland after trying these. For instance, the box I got came with some pizza flavored chips… nothing too huge right? Only they were epic on a whole new level, they had tiny little pieces of cheese on them and tasted like each chip had been thoroughly coated with it’s own individual layer of marinara sauce. It made me think of the few times I’ve gotten that one chip in the bag here in the US that got an extra amount of flavor coating on it and it was the tastiest chip of the whole bag. Well this entire bag was amazing, not one chip was flavorless and it left me wanting more, I even had to share my one bag of awesome chips with the whole family reluctantly 😛

Here’s some pics of the snacks we got, I wish my blog had a smell and taste feature, I’d then be able to share the experience better with you…until that technology comes to be you’ll have to settle for my witty sentences and pictures!














The candies in this box were not at all lacking taste, like I said this box put snacks into perspective for me! Those little sticks that we have a version of in the US taste bland compared to these. They are full of flavor and my 6 year old pretty much claimed them all after having one taste. The ring candies pictured taste like actual grape flavor not fake grape and they make whistling sounds which had my kids pretty giddy! The little toy was a little prize toy in one of the snacks and it brought me back to the old days when the US used to do fun stuff like that but we just kinda fazed it out for some reason.

The box in it’s entirety is absolutely fun and informative. Little tid bits of info learned about the Japanese culture and a love for new snacks I can probably only get through this box. I’m truly thankful I got to review for this company and I will actually be looking into Japanese snacks more! This box is an absolute must for value, fun and learned cultural experiences!

If you’d like to learn more about Japan Fun Box visit their about me section on their website HERE.

If you’d like to subscribe check out their different prices HERE. There’s currently a $3 off coupon!

Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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