Mamaneed Milky Review

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Mamaneed Milky Review

Yesterday I was enjoying the day out with my boys (hubby, Sethster and Odin) when I decided to go buy a new nursing bra as my one I had bought was well uncomfy and only something to hold me over until I found good ones. I walked into a maternity store and found some AMAZINGLY pretty and functional ones and they are super comfy.

On the way out at the check out my hubby picks up a small bottle and says LOOOOK!

I looked over to find him holding a small white bottle with pink letters that read Milky! <-exclamation point included. If you didnt know or haven't followed my blog I've had one heck of a rough road to successful breast feeding. Still trying everything in the book I have yet not issues and am doing half milk formula. Back subject at hand, hubby suggested we buy two try it out. It couldn't hurt. 20130703_110214 This little bottle contains :

*Fenugreek (known to increase breast milk supply)
*Fennel (used to promote faster let-down)
*Ginger (helps relieve upset stomach)
*Chamomile (used to ease tension in mothers)
*Rooibos (natural anti-oxidants)

The organic herbal blend is 7,200mg but it doesn’t specify how much of each ingredient.

The entire bottle is 20 calories and only contains 4g of sugar but is recommended to be used 1 bottle twice daily.

Other ingredients:
organic cane sugar, citric acid, organic strawberry flavor, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate and organic Stevia

Alrighty I’m going to be up front about this one. It is not my favorite tasting product ever… but IT WORKS. It’s a bit of a spicy strawberry flavor with a rich after taste of vitamins but as I said IT WORKS! Not only that it actually was pretty relaxing and with just one dose I was getting a good supply going in the day. It also made me question how much fenugreek I should really take as I was told to only take a max of 3,000 mg a day and this concoction contains 7,200mg of that and other ingredients… maybe they found the perfect mix??

I bought my two bottles at $7.99 each which is kinda pricey but looking into the website the prices are as follows:

* 1, 2, and 3 boxes go for $29.99 each
* 5 boxes give you a discount of 10% at $26.99 each box
* 10 boxes give you a discount of 15% at $25.49 each box
* 15 boxes give you a discount of 20% at $23.99 each box

One box is a 6 day supply so it isn’t as expensive if you buy directly from the site and the more you buy the less you pay.

I discovered while looking at the site that Milky was started by Tia and Tamara coooool!

I might be buying a few boxes soon because the mix really works if you can just get past the strong taste. It’s totally worth it to me! Considering the success with the Milky product I would like to mention they also have a stretch mark cream called Stretchy available which has me curious!

Company website:CLICK HERE TO BUY MILKY!
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