Mediband Could Save My Life

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Mediband Could Save My Life

Let me tell you a hiking story!

Yes it has something to do with the subject line of my blog, let me get into it and you’ll see.

So, I was living in South Dakota with my hubby due to a move for the Airforce, as I do with any new place we happened to land in, I wanted to discover everything around me. Now, no matter how chunky I’ve ever been, I love to hike! I discovered there were tons of hiking trails there and caves with all sorts of neat attractions. Hubby and I decided to brave going on a hike that day then going into one of the caves. But us being crazy and all, we decided to go into the one cave that had like 150 almost vertical steps in and out of the cave. Once you were down there you went with the tour and were pretty much stuck down there until the end when you had to make your climb up. Now we were warned MULTIPLE times before going down, and we were told our lil one Sethster who was only 2 in a half maybe at the time would have to be carried down then up again because he COULD NOT make that climb. No problem!

So, we get down in there, and I notice the air feels a bit funny but after a few minutes I’m fine and I’m like I got this. My lil one is bored about half way through and starts throwing a tantrum, he’s also autistic and crowds freak him out. Not too much of a good move on our part but we thought we would try taking him on a trip out like that for once. Since then, we have not taken him to anything like that again. But his tantrum isn’t the point of the story. Hubby and I took turns holding him and calming him down and after switching off carrying him back and forth we were both pretty tired and ready to just get out of there. Time came to make that climb and hubby held Seth the way up and was behind me.

About a fourth the way up I discovered my asthma had decided to show up. Randomly and right then. If I let go, I’d fall onto hubby under me and potentially harm him and our kiddo and anyone beneath them. So I somehow kept climbing. As I reached the top I had already gone without a bit of breathing and collapsed. Hubby searched for my inhaler and couldn’t find it and took off running to our truck to get it.

I was out, just laying there as he tried to find the inhaler…trying to breath and being unable to speak everyone around me was freaking out.

Well, I luckily did not pass out, he luckily got to me on time, and I used my inhaler and was able to breath. I try to always keep it with me, but sometimes, somehow, even though it is the way I can SURVIVE, I tend to forget it. Let’s say we weren’t with hubby, and it was just me and my lil guys…and I fell over and couldn’t breath or make words to form what was going on. What would happen???

I’m not sure to be honest. But those people there that day didn’t know what to do or have a clue and they probably would have called 911 but everyone took so long to figure out what was going on that I’m seriously not sure I would have gotten help if my hubby was not there.

Here comes in the Mediband Medical ID Bracelet. I have one now, I wear it on my wrist and luckily I cannot forget to put it on because it’s always on me. It reads Mediband on one side and on the reverse side it says Mediband ALERT ASTHMATIC. So, lets say the situation changes and I can’t breath and I’m stumbling to find my darn inhaler in my bag and I drop it and then get dizzy as I sometimes do and then I can’t see straight and am fumbling and freaking out and someone sees this and sees my bracelet…what will they do? They are going to say “ASTHMA!” and they are going to help me find my inhaler! This bracelet could literally save my life! I don’t say that lightly either because I’ve been in far too many situations I wish I hadn’t been in and breathing was almost impossible.

My greatest thanks to Mediband for allowing me to review this bracelet for them, you might help save my life one day! So, after telling you my long tale let me tell you about this amazing company that possibly saves lives day in and day out!

asthma one

athsma two

You can check out all the other great things Mediband offers on Amazon. Or you can check them out on their website HERE. These bracelets are the classic silicone which is great because it can pretty much be worn by anyone even those with random allergies. Those with sensitive skin won’t have issues with these either. They do however offer them in a few different materials such as gold and stainless steel. There are many, many different medical bracelets and even the option to customize if you don’t happen to find the one you need there.

They don’t stop at bracelets though, they offer a bunch of things for those of us that could use some help in the Medical Alert world! Check them out guys! You might not think you need it till it’s too late and something like this could come in handy!


Disclosure: Cricket’s Daily Fix did not receive compensation for this review. However a free product was provided for trial and review above. Please see full disclosure HERE.


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