Super Excited about True Food Markets

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Super Excited about True Food Markets

Get excited with me! I adore farmers markets like absolutely adore them. I found out my city had one and I was over the moon excited. It doesn’t run year round and is only open a few hours but I showed up super excited to take advantage of the time that the vendors had items available! I’m excited that Harlingen Texas is starting to become more health conscious and so many things are coming that have made me happy!

There was a specific item or should I say items I was overly excited to get each time I got the chance to go. Cheeses, milks, yogurts from Thompson Dairy Farms who had a little set up there. Ya’ll I can’t even explain how amazing the products they have are. My kids adore the milks and yogurts, myself as well but the cheese is what made me happiest. I can say without a doubt everything I have sampled and bought is worth every penny and always delicious. I started following them on Facebook pretty much to keep up with what they were selling and where since I found out that the local farmers market wouldn’t be open year round. Total bummer huh well then not to long ago they posted about a Farm to Table market possibility, asking if anyone would be interested. Um yes!

They posted a gofund me page not long after, which by the way I’m shocked they aren’t getting any donations! I need to donate as soon as I have some funds available. I’ve tried spreading the word about it and I’m trying to get people excited about this!

Then a Facebook page was created for True Foods Markets ahhhhhhhh it’s starting, it has a name! LOOK HERE

They started a webpage:

Then I saw a quick post showing a building they acquired for the market! I believe it’s at the address they recently updated the True Food Markets Facebook page with:

413 W Van Buren
Harlingen, Texas 78550

From their Gofundme page:

True Food Markets is planned to bring the very first store that focuses on “as local as possible” produce, dairy, and meat, as well as quality imported goods.

This store will benefit small and large farms alike, as well as other entrepreneurs that have quality products they would like to put in a retail space. We also own a commercial kitchen and hold a food manufacturers license to assist any producers that are currently under “cottage law” protection which is not sufficient for wholesaling. We would offer this service at minimal cost.

The funds will mainly be used for building beautification, equipment for holding and displaying produce and meat, initial stocking of the store, and startup operating capital. The building has already been procured, as well as a good amount of cooling equipment and shelving.

Since we ourselves own a dairy farm which produces milk, cheese, and other dairy products as well as a pig and sheep farm, we have some direct inventory to already bring to the table. We are working closely with the Harlingen Farmer’s Market to ensure we can offer space to local farmers and give them priority to our stock products.

The support from this GoFundMe campaign will help us get the store open, which will help numerous farmers and artisan producers get into a retail outlet without dealing with large corporate oversight. This store can be made possible with help from potential customers and/or vendors.

We would be eternally grateful for any help we can get to raise the funds needed to open this store. 2% of the population in the USA farm produce, dairy, and meat for the other 98% of the population. Our local farmers would also surely be grateful for helping bring something like this to the area.

Ya’ll I’m excited! Local peeps you should be too! This is something great! Please support them, show them you’re excited about this too! If you aren’t excited, then get excited! We need things like this! I’m rooting for you guys! I can’t wait to step foot inside the market! For all my readers who aren’t local, maybe something like this should be started where you are from? Start talking about things like this mattering!

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