The day I took pom poms to school…

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The day I took pom poms to school…

I told myself when I was little I’d never forget certain things in my life, I said “I will remember this for when I get older and have kids that way if they do something like this I wont get mad at them!”. I actually honestly remember specific little events that are not life changing or incredibly important but they are moments of pure childhood thoughts or actions that I wanted to remember as a child to help me out as an adult… or so I thought.

One such memory is the day I took pom poms to school. I remember very clearly being in 1st grade. I was not cool, how on earth first grade age kids decide what is and what is not cool is besides me but I didn’t fit their idea of it. Before I stray from my point in this post and go on about how I was pretty much uncool all through school I just want to say I was as odd of an odd ball as anyone could be and I am totally stoked I was. Anyway, I moved a lot as a kid, a ton actually but all around the same city after my mom got out of the military. I have random memories from people in each place and honestly I got tired of trying to remake new friends in each place so I was a loner that found ways to amuse myself. But, in first grade I had made 2 friends that were far too cool for me.

For some reason they talked to me, yay. Well, I often had better conversations with older people around either my moms age or teenagers in the neighborhood. One in particular was tasked with babysitting me and I was always drilling her brain for every bit of her life knowledge. Then I saw a pair of pom poms on her dresser and was in absolute awe! No one in my grade had pom poms, I wanted to borrow them and take them to school and show my cool friends my pom poms and maybe my cool status would be sealed and I wouldn’t be thought of as such a weirdo! I asked her if I could borrow them. She said yes to my amazement but only for 1 day and I could NOT take them to school with me I could only play with them at home. I agreed.

Now, I was one of those very well behaved never breaks the rules types of kids. Seriously I did everything I was supposed to do, I never lied because I had a feeling if I lied something horribly inexplicably bad would happen. How my parents set these values in me I cannot remember but I do remember my grandma once telling me that if I lied it hurt her and she meant the world to me. Anyway, so here started a white lie. I agreed not to take the pom poms to school but I just knew if I took them with me my new friends would think I was cool too and everyone would just love me.

The next school day started, I packed the pom poms into my backpack overly excited! My mom dropped me off at school and my babysitter (teenage cool girl who’s pom poms I had) was supposed to pick me up after I got out. How on earth I thought I’d get the pom poms back home without her noticing then give them back was too far ahead for me to think about. I go to class and I tell my friends I have something awesome I’m going to show them at lunch!

Lunch time comes I grab my pom poms and show them and they thought they were just the coolest things in the world!
“How did you get them?” “Who’s are they?!” I got tons of questions and I responded that my awesome cool babysitter let me bring them to school to show everyone.

“Your so cool!”

Alas, I heard the words I wanted to hear so bad, I just hit cool status and then as I walked with my pom poms in hand to the cafeteria there was a huge long line we had to wait in. I was talking about my pom poms and not paying attention, tripped over one of the seats to those huge long tables kids sit at and went flying to the floor in front of the entire cafeteria full of kids. They then began to laugh their butts off at me and point as well. My two cool friends ran off quickly so as not to be spotted with me as they chuckled too.

Cut forward to me getting out of school, cool status lost due to my being a clutz and I tell her flat out, I took her pom poms to school to try to show my cool friends and I tripped and fell and now everyone is still laughing at me and saying I’m the girl who falls on things. She said it was bad I took them to school but I needed to learn that having things didn’t make me cool and if the people I wanted to be my friends would only like me because of the THINGS I had maybe those friends weren’t the right type of friends.

Honestly I stopped caring about friends or being cool after this point and happened to move to a new school by the next school year which we then stayed at for the rest of my elementary years.

So what is the point of this story or blog post. Well… I remembered the incident and I remembered my actions just like I remember a bunch of other life events that had a greater impact on me than you would think they should have. With that, I remember these things especially today so that I can teach my kids the important things I learned and try to avoid them going through certain things. But, I also remember so that if my kids make a white lie or do something like what I do I am aware of why they’re doing it or try to think of their thought process on why they did it. It isn’t always too easy for adults to pop back into the kid mindset and understand that their kid wasn’t trying to just be defiant but maybe they had other reasons for doing it. A reason that makes no matter to you like being cool in 1st grade but a reason that means the world to them at that point in their life.

So still today I strive to understand my kids actions based on their reasoning and help them learn what they should and should not do and why. But I seriously did get a great lesson from my babysitter and later in life the friends I did make were worth every bit of my time and loved me for me.

With that said and important lessons aside… I still try to get my Sethster who is in Pre-K a few cool items that I know will blow the other kids minds because sometimes just sometimes feeling cool for just a lil bit makes ya feel awesome. <3

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