Worst Cold Ever Encountered

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Worst Cold Ever Encountered

So, my little guy was in the ER Wednesday due to his terrible cold and constant diahrea which we thought was due to milk but now it is clearning up and after the ER visit no one could conclude what exactly made him get it for 3 1/2 weeks. He was however given meds for his cold and we were told this is just a really bad cold.

Well, I caught it and so did my hubby.

This weekend he had to go to San Antonio to teach some classes to his soldiers and if he is feeling at all how I feel… it must be hell.

I have never had a cold that makes my entire body from head to toe hurt. I’ve gotten a migrane that’s persisted from last night, my nose is completely runny, my eyes hurt and swell shut, my chest and asthma keep acting up and honestly I feel like being awake is the hardest thing in the world to do…

much less be here at work. It sucks! Not being able to get time off when I’m terribly sick sucks even worse! Everyone around me is afraid to get sick and with good reason! I hope no one catches this. I am going on day 3 of feeling this bad with little improvement.

On the plus side, no one is here with me Saturday from 5-7pm, and the phone doesnt ring once… so, I was able to update you guys on why I disapeared… its due to feeling like poop!

I hope I get better soon, I’m trying to keep my positive outlook but not being able to see for more than a few min without feeling like I’m going to pass out is making it difficult! Yay for my ONE day off tomorrow.

With hope… soon… maybe I will not be so overworked and will get more than a day off so that maybe just MAYBE I can feel like I have a life outside of this dreadfully dull office.

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